How To Take Care Of Your Dental Implants And Dentures

by Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD | Dec 28, 2020

Kim Caldwell: Hi, I’m here today with Dr. Andrew Mueller, an oral surgeon from the Doctors Implants. Our topic today is to talk about full arch dental implants. Tell me a little bit about the care of each of these. Between, you know, Dentures. What someone has to take care of that all the way up to, you know, the full fixed option.

Dr. Mueller: Sure. Yeah. Dentures are relatively easy to care for. You take them out of your mouth that night and you put them in a cup beside your bed and you know, obviously you clean them and that’s where they stay at night and then you put it back in the morning. Not something that I would want to do but that’s how you take care of them. Also, very similar with this. This is going to come out at night. It’s going to go preferably going to stay out at night but doesn’t have to. With the one that is supported by implants. This could just actually just be cleaned at night when you take it out and you can put it back in. So a loved one or whatever wouldn’t actually know – have to know you would have to go to bed without teeth with this option. They’re pretty easy to clean. You can brush the gums or use a waterpik to brush the gums and then you can clean the prosthesis by taking it out of your mouth. Pretty easy to take care of this one. The screwed in teeth. I have all my patients use a water pick for this and so you can’t get to K. You don’t really need to brush the teeth. If you do brush the teeth, we ask you to not use toothpaste because toothpaste has an abrasive and it’s scratch the teeth. So you just use a toothbrush without toothpaste. And then use a waterpik to actually clean the junction between the bridge and the gums and and that’s just a long this line right here. And so they’ll use a waterpik to clean that. It’s it’s relatively easy to clean.

Kim Caldwell: Thanks for your time today. I’m sure that our audience will be able to learn a lot from it and make some great decisions about moving for with with dental implants.

Dr. Mueller: You’re welcome.

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Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD

Dr. Andrew Mueller loves being an oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. After completing both dental and then medical school, he did a general surgery residency and an oral/maxillofacial surgery residency (both at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas). He has performed countless general anesthetics in the operating room, learning how to safely put patients to sleep and wake them back up.

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