What Makes Us Different

History of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Our bodies endure wear and tear, facing the challenges of sports, daily physical strain, and indulgent diets. Over time, these factors take a toll on our hips, knees, backs, and even our teeth. The effects are compounded by inconsistent oral care and prevalent modern conditions like autoimmune disorders and medication side effects, leading to a widespread issue – “bad teeth” – affecting millions of Americans.

The situation takes a gloomier turn when we consider the conventional treatment for dental problems. Dental visits become anxiety-ridden affairs, involving painful injections, drilling, filling, crowning, capping, and even root canals. None of these procedures sound appealing. And when these interventions fail, the last resort is tooth extraction, followed by the historically dreaded denture – a bulky, detachable prosthetic that disrupts eating and laughing.

Imagine a solution that changes the game. Decades of experience have shown us that full mouth dental implants are the answer, transforming lives in a profound way. The design of these implants makes all the difference – no more “bolted-on” dentures. Instead, you can enjoy the natural look and feel of a radiant smile. With cutting-edge techniques and a skilled team, full mouth dental implants offer the opportunity to regain your confidence, eat without restrictions, and achieve a stunning smile that even a dentist would marvel at.

If you’re among the millions dealing with dental challenges, it’s time to explore this transformative solution. Dental implants are more than a fix; they’re a chance to reclaim your quality of life.

What Makes Doctors Implants Different

Because of our vast experience, we have never told a patient that they “were not a candidate”. From treating thousands of patients, we have developed techniques to treat patients that were told they don’t have enough bone, told they need bone grafting (we do not have to do separate bone grafting procedures) or told their medical conditions prevent them from getting treatment.  Every week, we meet patients who were told they were not a candidate for full mouth implants by other doctors and every week we successfully restore these patients smiles with full mouth dental implants.  

Another things that really sets us apart, is the experience, process and techniques used (as described above) to design your smile, execute the design in surgery and guide you through the entire process.  The reason we call ourselves “Doctors Implants” is because we think the most important decision you make is which doctor to choose to perform the procedure.  We would love to see you for a complimentary consultation and see if we are the right fit for you.

Advances in Technology

Two Historical Techniques

Previously, two approaches emerged for full mouth dental implants, but neither reflects today’s possibilities. The first method involved individual implants for each tooth, leading to complexity and potential issues over time. The second technique transformed dentures into a supported bridge, though this common method still presents drawbacks.

Doctors Implants Approach

At Doctors Implants, our approach has evolved through thousands of patient cases. Pioneered by Dr. Andrew Mueller and Dr. Danielle Larivey at our San Antonio, Texas clinic, this method redefines dental implant procedures. Experience a streamlined process with fewer visits, a sturdier result, and a permanent, natural-looking smile.


Records are Taken

Photographs and digital records are taken of your face, smile and teeth. From these records, our doctors and engineers design your new smile and bridge of teeth using computer aided design (CAD/CAM technology).


We Prep for Your 6 Hour Smile

Surgical templates and guides are manufactured by our laboratory and are ready for you on the day of your surgery.


Surgery Day

On the day of surgery, you will come in, go to sleep and leave (usually about 6 hours later) with a brand new smile: teeth that have been manufactured and finished by our team of technicians and artists that same day and teeth that are fixed into your mouth by dental implants. You will not leave with a denture, you will not leave WITHOUT teeth (this happens in so many other clinics!) and you will not leave with “temp” teeth that easily brea


Final Delivery

After your surgery, we will carefully monitor your healing and make adjustments to your bridge of teeth so that it is perfectly adapted to your gums and tissue once healing is complete. While the entire process can happen quickly, the goal is to take the time to do things the best way and for your dental implants to last the rest of your life!

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