Danielle Larivey, DDS

Chief Restorative Doctor

Dr. Danielle Larivey heads up cosmetic dentistry for Doctors Implants San Antonio, including serving as our Chief Restorative Doctor. She focuses her practice on what she loves: working alongside patients to design a beautiful, confident smile that is unique for each individual, while also restoring important function.

A native of San Antonio, Dr. Larivey graduated magna cum laude from Texas State University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Biology.

The University of Texas Health Science Center in the heart of San Antonio, is where Dr. Larivey graduated dental school at the top of her class, magna cum laude with honors in Research. After completing dental school, she completed a residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry.

You could say, Dr. Larivey’s educational history has a theme: finishing at the top and always striving to be the best. That dedication to being the best extends to the quality of work she does at Doctors Implants.

Dr. Larivey’s vision for patients who could previously only be offered dentures coincides perfectly with that of Doctors Implants: to give people the opportunity to eat a normal diet without pain or embarrassment, and to laugh and smile freely again.

Outside of work there’s never a boring (or quiet) moment in Dr. Larivey’s life as she’s the mom of two young children, and has two dogs: a Great Dane, and a little Italian Greyhound. When she does find some free time, she also enjoys hiking and exploring new cities with her husband.

Dr. Larivey is passionate about her job, and is dedicated to giving patients an amazing experience at Doctors Implants.