Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants Debunked

by Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD | May 1, 2024

The Truth About Dental Implants

Investing in full mouth dental implants is a major life decision, and, if it’s one you’re considering, you’re undoubtedly trying to learn as much about the procedure as possible. While a wealth of information about replacing missing teeth is available online, not all of it is accurate, trustworthy, or reflective of the advanced, highly refined, and life-changing surgeries our dedicated team of leading Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons perform every single day.

We often receive queries from potential patients that are born out of misinformation, which is why we’ve listed (and debunked) the top five misconceptions about full mouth dental implants below. After reading this post, we encourage you to contact us directly to learn more about our revolutionary 6 Hour Smile and book a free doctor’s consultation.

1. Implants Don’t Last Long

If you’ve heard that implants aren’t long-lasting, think again. In reality, dental implants are considered the tooth replacement solution with the greatest longevity.

When our surgeons place implants into the jaw, the titanium posts fuse with the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. This fusion closely mimics the function of a natural tooth root, not only preventing bone loss by stimulating the jawbone but also providing unparalleled strength and durability to support the prostheses (crowns).

At Doctors Implants, we craft our prostheses out of zirconia, a material ten times stronger than natural teeth. When cared for and maintained properly, our full mouth dental implants can last a lifetime.

2. Dental Implant Surgery Is Painful

While no surgery is painless, the majority of our patients at Doctors Implants report that they experience less pain throughout their dental implant procedure and recovery than anticipated. Our team of board-certified doctors ensures that patients are comfortably asleep while teeth are removed, the jawbone prepped, and implants placed. Post-surgery, a comprehensive pain management plan is tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

3. Implants Don’t Look Like Natural Teeth

In reality, high-quality dental implants look incredibly natural. At Doctors Implants, our in-house lab team designs and crafts new smiles with phenomenal precision and artistry, allowing patients to achieve the beautiful smiles they’ve always dreamed of.

4. Replacing Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants Takes Years To Complete

While the traditional dental implant process requires multiple procedures over a time period of several months, Doctors Implants’ 6 Hour Smile is a groundbreaking same-day oral surgery that allows you to leave at the end of just one long appointment with a stunning, brand-new smile.

5. Implants Require Special Care

One of the aspects patients appreciate most about implants is the fact that they require no specialized care. Brush your implants and use a Waterpik regularly, just as you would with natural teeth, and enjoy excellent oral health for many years to come. Maintenance appointments are also recommended.

Have you experienced tooth loss? Ready to replace missing teeth? Choosing dental implants will allow you to move forward in life with comfort and confidence. To learn more about our cutting-edge full mouth procedure, contact us at Doctors Implants to book a free consultation today!

About the Author

Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD

Dr. Andrew Mueller loves being an oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. After completing both dental and then medical school, he did a general surgery residency and an oral/maxillofacial surgery residency (both at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas). He has performed countless general anesthetics in the operating room, learning how to safely put patients to sleep and wake them back up.

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