What To Do If You’re Told You’re Not A Candidate For Dental Implants

by Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD | Jun 18, 2024

If your teeth are severely damaged or you’re among the millions of Americans who are missing some or all of their teeth, full mouth dental implants may be the life-changing solution you’ve been looking for.  Dental implants, which look, feel, and function more similarly to natural teeth than any other option, are the gold standard for tooth replacement and can provide you with a beautiful smile and a new lease on your oral health.  

Unfortunately, many Americans who seek full mouth implant treatment are quickly rejected and told they’re not good candidates for this type of procedure.  Aside from being incredibly discouraging, receiving such information often causes patients to undergo multiple procedures in order to become an implant candidate or to abandon their search for an implant solution altogether.  

At Doctors Implants, we successfully work with many patients who were previously rejected as dental implant candidates.  Why?  Simply put, our world-class team possesses the advanced training, skill, and experience necessary to take on even the most challenging implant cases without requiring a lengthy and expensive investment in additional procedures. We’ve never turned away a patient due to bone loss and our implant success rate is higher than 99%.  

If you’ve been told you’re not a good candidate for a dental implant procedure, think again.  We strongly encourage you to take the step of booking a free consultation with our team of leading doctors and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons to receive a second opinion and move forward in your quest for a permanent oral health solution.  

Reasons People Are Told They Are Not Suitable Candidates

Over the years, we’ve seen patients who’ve been rejected as full mouth dental implant candidates for many different reasons.  The three most common are listed below:

Not Enough Bone

Dentists often turn away patients as implant candidates citing not enough jawbone as the reason.  The jawbone provides the foundation for natural teeth and implants alike but often begins to deteriorate when one or more teeth are missing over a period of time.

When jawbone deterioration has occurred, many oral health professionals automatically recommend bone grafting to build up the jawbone in preparation for receiving full mouth dental implants.  Though this remains a fairly standard practice, the development of advanced implant procedures and techniques has actually paved the way for skilled doctors and implant surgeons to successfully place implants without the need for a lengthy bone-grafting process.  Speak directly with our team at Doctors Implants to learn more.  

Gum Disease

The presence of periodontal disease (gum disease) is another commonly cited reason for rejecting patients at dental implant candidates.  At Doctors Implants, we work with patients to help them achieve the healthiest gums possible so that full mouth dental implants can be placed.  Meticulous oral care and the ongoing management of periodontal disease increase the success and longevity of dental implants and our team can help put you on the right track.  

The Dentist Has a Lack of Experience

Some dentists and other oral health professionals reject patients outright as full mouth dental implant candidates simply because they lack the skill or experience necessary to successfully take on complex cases.  Unfortunately, this leaves many patients believing that they cannot receive dental implants when, in reality, they just need to connect with a more highly-trained and experienced professional.  

Get a Second Opinion, You Might Still Be Eligible for Dental Implant Surgery

Have you been turned away as a candidate for dental implants?  It’s time to get a second opinion.  

Modern Techniques and Technology

At Doctors Implants, our state-of-the-art clinics offer patients exceptional treatment experiences that incorporate the most cutting-edge technology and techniques.  Our leading doctors are at the top of their field and have never turned away a patient due to bone loss.  

Specialists Can Work With Patients Others Have Rejected

The 6 Hour Smile is a groundbreaking, streamlined full mouth dental implant procedure that was originally pioneered by Dr. Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD, and has been refined thousands of times over on patients just like you.  If you’ve been rejected by other doctors, we’d love to meet you and explore a path forward customized to your specific needs and circumstances.  

Doctors Implants Can Handle Even the Most Difficult Cases

Ready to receive the new smile of your dreams and move forward in life with comfort and confidence?  The team at Doctors Implants possesses the training skill and knowledge to take on even the most complex cases and looks forward to meeting you.  Book your free consultation today! 

About the Author

Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD

Dr. Andrew Mueller loves being an oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. After completing both dental and then medical school, he did a general surgery residency and an oral/maxillofacial surgery residency (both at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas). He has performed countless general anesthetics in the operating room, learning how to safely put patients to sleep and wake them back up.

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