How You Gain In Quality With Doctors Implants

by Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD | Jan 15, 2021

Kim Caldwell: Hi, I’m here today with Dr. Andrew Mueller, an oral surgeon from the Doctors Implants. Our topic today is to talk about full arch dental implants. So I understand that different materials affect the cost, but tell me how does the experience of the doctor affect the cost of the implants.

Dr. Mueller: Maybe a doctor that was just trained on how to do this and they really haven’t done maybe any or very many of these procedures. They might offer a lower price point. They’re wanting to gain patients, gain experience. So the advantage is that you will get a lower price point. It that obvious disadvantage is that this might be their first or second case, right? And then another factor is, maybe of a doctor that is very experienced. And so they’re highly sought after, they’re booked out and they are a specialist. And so because of supply and demand they’re able to charge a higher price. It drives, just drives the price up right. But then I think the third factor that plays in at some place like the Doctors Implants is where you have a center that does this every day and we’re able to streamline a lot of the processes because of the volume that we do. So now you’re able to get someone that’s really experienced but able to do it at a price point that you often would see by someone that’s much more inexperienced.

Kim Caldwell: Right so by having a team of people who do this all the time, it really places a value on it.

Dr. Mueller: Oh yeah, big time. It really kind of changes everything.

Kim Caldwell: Thanks for your time today I’m sure that our audience will be able to learn a lot from it and make some great decisions about moving for with with dental implants.

Dr. Mueller: You’re welcome.

About the Author

Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD

Dr. Andrew Mueller loves being an oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. After completing both dental and then medical school, he did a general surgery residency and an oral/maxillofacial surgery residency (both at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas). He has performed countless general anesthetics in the operating room, learning how to safely put patients to sleep and wake them back up.

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