How Dental Implants Change Everything For Dentures

by Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD | Nov 26, 2020

Kim Caldwell: Hi, I’m here today with Dr. Andrew Mueller, an oral surgeon from the Doctors Implants. Our topic today is to talk about full arch dental implants. So for the patients that have been living with Dentures for their entire life, they’ve been struggling with those things. The improvements will be things like they can taste their food. They’re not going to deal with slippage. They can eat things that maybe they weren’t able to eat before.

Dr. Mueller: I would say those are probably the three biggest things. The taste of the food has to do with – You know, a denture covers the entire palette, which is where a lot of our our taste buds are. So this inhibits your ability not only to taste foods, but actually even to speak. Our tongue comes against the roof of our mouth to make a lot of sounds like our “S” sounds and that’s inhibited with a denture. And then also the slippage. The slippage is gone because now we’re screwed in place. We’re not resting against the tissue anymore and because of those factors now we can eat a normal diet again.

Kim Caldwell: Thanks for your time today. I’m sure that our audience will be able to learn a lot from it and make some great decisions about moving forward with dental implants.

Dr. Mueller: Thank You.

About the Author

Andrew Mueller, DMD, MD

Dr. Andrew Mueller loves being an oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. After completing both dental and then medical school, he did a general surgery residency and an oral/maxillofacial surgery residency (both at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas). He has performed countless general anesthetics in the operating room, learning how to safely put patients to sleep and wake them back up.

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